Past Pro-D workshops

Examples of past Pro-D Workshops

Autumn in the Garden Pro-D day at UBC Farm on October 25th, 2013

IMG_0804 IMG_0811 photo (66)

January 21, 2012 – Classroom Food Preparation Workshop – 9-3 pm
The idea of knives and stoves in young students’ hands usually evokes fear. And yet, many teachers and community programs have brought the educational experience of food preparation to their students, safely and successfully. Classroom cooking is a powerful way to transform a child’s idea of a vegetable and about what they are capable of eating. This hands-on workshop will provide you with the skills you need to confidently bring food preparation into your classroom, such as equipment selection, integration with learning outcomes, and managing your classroom. Local teachers and Project CHEF and Growing Chefs will share their experiences and wisdom.

Friday February 18, 2011 – School Garden Workshop
• Come and discuss the benefits and challenges of integrating gardening and healthy food production into the subjects you are teaching.
• Engage in hands-on activities including seed propagation techniques and an introduction to cold weather crops.
• Meet with six of the leading Vancouver school garden community groups to discuss the potential for your school’s garden.
• Enjoy a healthy and delicious lunch provided by the school while you chat with colleagues and professionals about sustainability education.

VSFN After School Specials (4-5:30pm)

Getting Started on School Ground Greening Wednesday, January 16, 2012
An introduction to the possibilities for greening your school grounds, foraging with native plants, what you should know when planning your project and how Evergreen can help. Dolores Altin, Evergreen Foundation.

Spring Harvest Planning Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Vancouver’s mild climate allows us to get an early start in the vegetable garden, and harvest many items before school lets out in June. Learn how to work the soil, provide quality compost, and choose the right crops and varieties. Alaina Thebault, Environmental Youth Alliance and Eric Drewes, Think&EatGreen@School.

Get Growing: Starting Spring Seedlings Thursday, March 7, 2012
Begin to envision your spring and summer garden now and learn some low cost techniques for starting seedlings in your classroom or at home. Stacy Friedman, UBC Landed Learning Project and Marnie Newell, Society Promoting Environmental Conservation.

Planting for Pollinators Wednesday, April 10, 2012
Food doesn’t happen without the magic of bees! Learn about the importance of native bees, honey bees, pollination, and how to grow your own pollinator garden and build pollinator habitat. Alaina Thebault, Environmental Youth Alliance and Dolores Altin, Evergreen Foundation.

Safe Canning Basics with Jamming Demo Wednesday, April 24, 2012
This session will be in Room 423 at Van Tech Secondary School. Diane Collis and Darlene Tanaka, Fresh Choice Kitchens.

Composting for Teachers May 17, 2011 4:00-5:30
Join two of Vancouver’s most passionate composters to learn how to make world classsoil. Discuss different composting systems that work for schools, dig in to the details of creating a sustainable school composting program, hear inspiring stories of schools that have done it right and learn the enlightening truths of schools that did it wrong. Walk away inspired to make compost a bigger part of your life. Matthew Kemshaw, Environmental Youth Alliance and Ilana Labow, Fresh Roots Urban Farm.


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